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TrueUX prototype is an experimental tool for creating wireframes and simple scenarios as fast as possible, using text commands. The end goal is super fast comprehensive UX tool.
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The end goal is a holistic UX tool that provides the UX designer one environment to quickly make changes and collaborate with team members. The core focus is speed. Time saved is time that can be invested to do more iterations, release sooner, or just save money. TrueUX is a multi-stage project:

  1. Smart scan. Freemium app that converts a picture of a paper sketch to a digital wireframe that can be manipulated and exported to a SVG file.
  2. Web editor. For paying customers only. Manipulate the UX source. Simple AI provides suggestions.
  3. Share with clients. Based on a secret url, no accounts required to provide feedback.
  4. Community platform. Share and rate UX snippets. Marketing channel. Also provides AI training data of UX patterns and best practices.
  5. True ux assistant. Provides smart suggestions and defaults when creating and manipulating UX assets. Based on community and personal usage patterns.
  6. Full TrueUX. Comprehensive UX tool that connects all UX assets (Goals, personas, scenarios, etc).

The prototype has grown to focus around having UX source code and creating wireframes as fast as possible using text commands. While text commands is not for everyone, and has a higher learning curve, as a professional you can afford to invest in your tooling if it saves you time. It aims to a user with a developer-like mindset. Advantage being that the tool will not directly compete to the giants like Axure and Invision.

Evolution of the prototype

In 2015 I wrote about A True UX tool, mid 2017 I started building the prototype.

Asci art wireframing

Slack bot

Slack bot with images


Web-app (Try it)

Latest command

The blend (b) command lets a block take the style of its neighbor. A full list of the commands over here.


I’ve written 9 articles on the subject, the most popular ones on Medium have had 20K and 15K readers. A link on Hacker news has been on the front-page for a couple of hours.

I have iterated on a prototype, from a Slack bot, to desktop, to a web-app. There have been a couple of hundred users of the web-app prototype, 35 people have subscribed to the mailing list and a couple of enthusiasts have provided in depth feedback in mail. I also presented the concept to a group of roughly 40 UX designers and have gotten good feedback from that crowd.

I’m now working on a plan for crowdfunding to take this project to the next level, and I’m looking for a developer living in the Netherlands who is interested to partner up.

Business model

The plan is to start a crowdfunding campaign in the end of 2018, so development of the first stage (freemium app) can start early in 2019. I’ll be sharing a link on the specifics of this plan later. The ‘full TrueUX’ product I think should have a business model like JetBrains.

Potential spin-off projects could arise from AI tech developed for the later stages.






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