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Personal Life Trackr

Free Android app to track your progress on goals you have set. Over 500 installs on active devices (July 2018).
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Personal Life Trackr

Measure and evaluate your personal progress. This app is about your long term goals. Who do you want to be?

– Create Future Selfs. Set a date in the future with goals for: Relationships, Health, Career & education, Other
– Evaluate your Future Selfs
– Write measurements to keep trak on your progress
– Reminder notifications. A weekly reminder for a new measurement and a reminder for when a Future Self is ready for an evaluation. You can turn these notifications off in the settings.

At the start of 2013 I left the games company I co-founded in 2009. For me it was a time to reflect and set new personal goals. One of these goals was to create at least two free android apps in 2013 that help people to make the most out of their lives.

Download Personal Life Trackr on Google Play.

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