My Picture Books

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MPB BMy Picture Books is an app for your Android tablet that helps you create picture books you can read to your children, using your own pictures and sounds.

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Core features

  • Reading a picture book to your children from your Android tablet.
  • Create a new digital picture book in the app, based on pictures of a physical picture book.

User Scenario

  • Visiting your sister you see she has a number of great picture books. It would be too much trouble to borrow them because she is uses them with her own children. You take a picture of every page of the picture book and create a digital picture book in the app. You then go home and can read this picture book to your own child.


It’s a pet project that on the one hand helps me learn some new Android features, and on the other hand it has the potential to be a great app for parents. The basic idea assumes you have physical picture books you can use, but you can also get creative and use other pictures as the basis of your picture book.

More than a picture gallery

In the beginning it’s very close to a picture gallery, but it can then grow with features like:

  • Audio. Record your voice and perhaps some simple audio effects to enhance the story of the picture book. Audio update is done!
  • Simple visual effects.
  • Quick picture zoom to easily read texts in images.

Screen capture

Screenshot add audioScreen capture from before the audio update:

My Picture Books - edit


Creating a new book


Reading a bookPictureBook1


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3 thoughts on “My Picture Books

  1. Hi Julius,
    Great app with loads od potential improvements. Please add 🔙(back) to books at last page. Also, option to export as PDF will be awesome, or even better if you can export with all features as in app. I mean with audio, text and pictures. Importing other books will bring this app to new level. 😎 You can sell it, as well as people can create and sell their newly created books ++ options are limitless


  2. Congratulations!

    It’s a great app, very easy to use. My little students (5&6 years old) are able to create their oun photo-audio books.

    I’d like to suggest you only one thing. If you can to make an option to share the albums it will be the perfect app.

    Thanks a lot!

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