Idea Growr

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Idea Growr

Google Play - Idea Growr

Idea Growr helps you keep track of your ideas. Question sets stimulate you to take on different perspectives and let your ideas grow.


I want to develop tools that enable people to be the best person they can be. This app is about how to make the most of your ideas and thoughts. It is not only about a smooth experience, but also about helping you to bring your ideas to the next level where you can start to experiment in the real world.

What the app does

The focus is on these two scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: You are almost falling asleep in bed or during a meeting and you suddenly come up with an idea. You can quickly write down the idea and go back to sleep (or your meeting).
  • Scenario 2: You are in the train and have some spare time. You can look at your ideas and add some details. The app asks simple questions that stimulate you to take different perspectives. After using it for a while, your ideas will slowly grow and the best ones will start to stick out. You can then use other tools to make these into real projects.

How it works

Idea Growr pages

You can quickly add a new idea or note, view all your ideas and sort them. Overview & question set

The app offers a number of question sets, for instance personal. All notes & add note

For every idea you can quickly write down notes.


The widget makes it possible to directly go to the page you want; Main, create idea, write note or the list with all ideas. It also shows you the number of ideas you have.


While not shown in the screenshots above, it is now also possible to record your voice with notes.

Export & e-mail

All your information is only stored on your device. You can export/share your ideas with other apps on your phone (Gmail, Dropbox, etc). I explained here how to import your ideas.

You can learn more about how the app is created on the roadmap page, or view all the post in the idea growr category.

Would you like to try it out?

Go to the Google Play page:

Google Play - Idea Growr


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5 thoughts on “Idea Growr

  1. This is an awesome app. Trully amazing, started using it immediately and ideas are just poping up. No more forgetting ideas, and one will be the right one.


  2. Great app, thank you Julius.

    Would you consider adding a web interface?

    Some ideas come when you’re in front of a PC, and it’s easier to use the PC keyboard.

    1. Hi Kish,

      It needs a back-end, but that’s a bit difficult for me to do. Since it must be done absolutely safe and robust and I just don’t have much experience with that at the moment. So first I would want to be able to add a back-end to the app, and perhaps by then it will be easy to run Android apps in the Chrome browser ( But when there is a back-end I believe the web-app is do-able for me.

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