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Projects & Ideas

My projects & ideas in various forms of completion.
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The way I see it, Elon and I have much in common

Apart from his deep understanding of physics, huge net worth, muscular arms, crazy work ethics and other minor details, we’re trying to do the same thing.  We both try to push the bounderies and design new innovative solutions. In Elon’s case one of those things is a vertical landing rocket. In my case we’re talking about for instance a text-command based wireframing tool. To bend the comparison a bit; the whole world is landing components on the canvas using the mouse, I want to land them by key presses. Why? Speed. And yes, re-usability.

I’ve started a business before (Fourcelabs, 2013-2017) with two co-founders where we made innovative serious games in physical space for clients. Next time around I want to focus on building out my own products and services. It’s more fun, it better suits my personality and believe it just results in a better quality product.

In my spare time I work on growing my ideas in order to level up my skills and have a portfolio of projects with potential. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, I can hit the ground running and rake in the billions.


Idea Growr

Idea Growr is a free Android app that helps you keep track of your ideas. Question sets stimulate you to take on different perspectives and let your ideas grow. Over 7.000 installs on active devices (July 2018).

My Picture Books

My Picture Books is a free Android app that helps you create picture books you using your own pictures and sounds. Over 3.000 installs on active devices (July 2018).

Personal Life Trackr

Free Android app to track your progress on goals you have set. Over 500 installs on active devices (July 2018).

Proof of concepts


TrueUX prototype is an experimental tool for creating wireframes and simple scenarios as fast as possible, using text commands. The end goal is super fast comprehensive UX tool.

A global charity search engine, that serves as the single source of truth for core charity information. The prototype is no longer live.

Here or There

The game tries to let kids explore open data in a way that makes sense to them. No maps, coordinates, tables or graphs. Instead it’s based on pictures of specific iconic locations, supported by audio and a simple question: “Here or there?”

Sim Karakter

1D asci sim city game with Spore and The Wire influences. Mostly a fun little project, to learn myself Python and Flask.



A tool that makes it easy to add and manipulate information and provides a simple way to shift through multiple perspectives.


Idea for a Twitter-like cartoon sharing platform.

Sugar Salt Fat

Platform that makes it really easy to understand how healthy a product is by comparing products.


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