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Personal Life Trackr update – change categories

I got some great feedback via e-mail on my Personal Life Trackr app, with a request for more customization options for the categories. The app shows four categories, but wouldn’t it be great if you could add your own (sub)categories?

I’ve looked into how much work this would be and it is quite some work. Because it not only effects the database, but also the interface of most screens. Still, with the limited time that I now often have for my pet projects, I wanted to at least take a step in the right direction.

So today I updated the app (1.08) and it is now possible to change the 4 categories the app uses. While you can’t yet add more categories (this saves me a ton of work..), I hope my users like this little extra customization.

Keep sending me your feedback!

Download Personal Life Trackr here.

My great simple free new years resolutions app for Android

The Personal Life Trackr app I created is great for new years resolutions.You can set a date in the future (for instance a year) and write down who you’d like to be by then. You can monitor your personal progress with (daily) measurements.

Personal Life trackrI’ve been playing around with the name of the app, calling it my¬† Personal Life Goal Coach on Google Play hoping to reach more people that way.


The number of active devices on which the application is currently installed, over the last three months:

Number of users PLT

As you can see the number of users is still small, but it’s growing.

There is an interesting difference in usage, comparing it to my other app Idea Growr. On Idea Growr, the number of active users is about double the number of new users on an average day. On PLT the number of active users is about three times that of new users. I think this means that the people who use PLT are using it more often.

For instance, yesterday PLT had 44 active users, the number of new users was 15. So 29 users where people who had installed the app earlier.

Feedback from users

There is one rating at the moment:

First user rating PLT



I love to hear what you are thinking if you use the app.

Google Play - Personal Life Trackr


Improving the Personal Life Trackr app

Personal Life Trackr (PLT) has been live now for about two weeks. In this post I want to do a quick analysis of the app and take a look on how to move forward.

Personal Life Trackr

Analysis of the value the app is providing

I have used the app myself for a while and it has become clear to me the app is missing something. First let me refer back to Idea Growr, why do people like it? I believe it’s because of two things:

  • Easy and quick to use.
  • The app has something to add to your thoughts.
    • Where note taking apps like Evernote and Keep are neutral, Idea Growr gives you a couple of questions that stimulates you to think about your ideas.

At the moment PLT is rather easy and quick to use. The main limitation is that PLT is missing that helping hand. It should be more than a goal setting and evaluation tool. It should support you in your thinking.

Making PLT support your thinking

The main problem I experienced with PLT, was that I found myself staring at the screen that asked me to set goals for my future self. How do I go about this?

After thinking about it for a while I came up two main elements:

  • Is your goal an action or do you need to change a pattern?
    • I love this question, because it makes you think deeply about what you want. It’s my belief that people find it difficult to see and change their life patterns, because they tend to think about the (short term) future and the hurdles they need to take to get what they want. Just by asking the question, the app stimulates you to take a different perspective about what you want and the goals you are setting.
    • If you need to do something that is relatively simple. The main thing is that you just need to do it. The app can offer some support by making you be very specific and stimulate you to be positive, by asking you how you can reward yourself if you do this thing.
    • If you need to change a life pattern, that is more difficult. I believe that you can change your life if you actively take a look at what you are doing right now that is causing you your current behavior. What are the circumstances? Then you can think of a new pattern, a new way of doing things. Give yourself the circumstances that make it likely you can show the behavior you want.
  • Advice user to set their goals SMART.

Using this structure, I came up with these new wire frames for the PLT app:


I’m also going to make every user click the ‘I am committed to this goal’ checkbox. You have to pause (ever so shortly) to make this goal an official agreement with yourself that you are going to take a real effort.

I also see many other ways on how to enhance these steps and ways on how to improve the evaluation process, but I first need to implement this to see if and how it works with real people.

Personal Life Trackr is a free an simple android app that helps you improve yourself by setting goals and measuring your progress. Download the app on Google Play.