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Plans vs. reality

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The major update to Idea Growr as described in the last post has not yet materialized. There are a couple of short term and some long term reasons.

Short term barriers

  1. The cloud platform we used gave up (!) and advised us to stop using their platform.
  2. The French developer’s new day job leaves him with less time to help out.
  3.  I moved to a new house.
  4. Last but not least; I’ve become a father.

Long term

  1. Since I have a day job, my time is limited.
  2. I don’t have the development skills to take the app to the next level.
  3. I don’t have the time to teach myself those skills.
  4. It’s not a commercial project (in the short run), so I can’t offer money as a tool for commitment.

Making plans that fit reality

Let’s evaluate my efforts so far in improving Idea Growr beyond what I can develop myself:

  • Collaborate with Applits last year. Their time was limited, and resulted in no progress to the code of IG.
  • Collaborate with a Dutch developer (not mentioned on this blog), who’s more known with iOS. In the end his time was also too limited.
  • Collaborate with French developer, whose time is limited.

What I have:

  • An app that is installed on 11.339 devices, that is used by 200 people every day.
  • Lots of feedback on how the app could be improved.
  • Concrete short term goals.
  • A long term vision.
  • A business model that’s scalable and testable.

The underlying problem is a lack of commitment of a partner and my software skills not being of the level to implement the most requested feature; online sync.

This brings me to my new short term goals:

  • Learn more Android, by setting up a new pet project where I can again freely experiment.
  • Find someone who fits this profile:
    • Lives nearby to me: Netherlands, Utrecht / Amsterdam area.
    • Decent Android skills.
    • Supports the goals of Idea Growr.
    • Has an average of 8 hours a week available to work on the app.
    • Nice guy or girl to work with.

Update September 7, 2014: I have someone who might be able to help with the back-end side of things who fits the profile. A good Dutch Android developer is still very much welcome to join the team :).

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