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Idea Growr update, now you can add your own questions

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The latest update of Idea Growr includes includes the option to add 8 questions of your own.


In the update I also removed the question pack for movies. It was the least used question pack, also I had the feeling the questions did not have the right quality to them.

A bit of a drop in the ratings

The rating of the app has went down from 4.6 to 4.2 since the question packs update.

Average Rating

There are a number of possible reasons for this:

  • More ambitious, thus less complete
    • The question pack update shows users what else could be possible. While the app used to be complete in what it wanted to be, after the q-packs update users can feel they are missing out on some questions and other features.
  • Q-packs quality
    • The questions are not good enough. While I did not have any feedback that indicates this, it’s my own feeling that the movies questions where not good enough.
  • Bug(s) on All Ideas list
    • The app has a little bit of trouble with the all ideas list. I use some code (async) that crashes the app for a couple of users every day. In the latest update (1.36) I think I’ve fixed the biggest problem that caused these crashes.
  • The most negative review keeps showing up on the top of the list
    • With the update of the question packs, there where some problems. This left about half of the users with a broken app for about 2 days. I adviced users who just installed the app to do a re-install as a quick fix. One user who had the app for quite some time did a re-install and lost all his ideas and wrote a review stating ‘lost all ideas’. I should have been more clear in how I stated my advice, but he was probably the only users ever to have lost is data. But for some reason Google Play keeps putting is ‘Lost all data’ review on the top of the list. That can’t be good for reviews and downloads..
  • Speed of updates went down.
    • Maybe it’s just that the speed of innovation went down. On the one hand this is because I started to work for Jungle Minds. On the other hand this is because the features people would like to see (sync between devices) are more complex and sometimes just too difficult for me to develop on my own.

While I haven’t figured it out completely, still I have tried to combat some of these problems.

  • By enabling users to add 8 questions of their own, it feels less restricted
  • Removing the movies question pack
  • Fixing bugs for the all ideas page.

Why users can only add 8 questions

The way I did the update I did not need to change the datase, I just re-used the space the 8 movie questions had. Users that used the movie questions have kept these questions, but can now change them in the settings. Doing it this way made it easier for me to do the update and test out the feature.

Limited number of questions as a business model

Pehaps it can be interesting to use this as a business model. You can add unlimited ideas and notes, but change only 8 questions. Pay for the option to add another X questions.

Then the app can show a list of as many questions I can gather (crowdsource) as possible and offer then inside the app as inspiration.

What do you think?

Also If you are an android developer who can help out with the development of the app, let me know!

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