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Update on three apps

At the moment I’m actually working on three apps in one way or another.

First the life tracking app update

Here’s the list of my last post:

  • Evaluate a future self [ Done ]
  • Add colors to the buttons [ Done ]
  • Make the history and future overview show everything correctly. It works now, but with evaluations it becomes a little bit more complex. [ Done ]
  • Show first upcoming future self on home screen [ Postponed ]
    • Update: I have not yet started on this feature. It is also let fundamental. I could launch the app without it.
  • Add options for the date of the future self [ Done ]
  • Add notifications [ Work in progress ]
    • Update: I have the basics working. I can make a notification happen, now I am working it into the functionality of my app. Details I’m working on are:
      • Connect it to future self date
      • Create notification icons
      • Create the right texts to show for the notifications
      • Testing if multiple notifications can be set, and canceled.
      • Make sure that everything works from the first time the app starts.

What I think is really interesting is that this app will have a rhythm built into it. Standard setting is that the app gives you a notification reminder every week that asks ‘how are you doing’. It’s actually a useful notification, because the app is about tracking how you are doing. So what I hope to see is a high level of users that keep using the app every week.

On a whole different level, it would be even greater if this app actually works. Not from a technical perspective, but in it’s purpose. It would be great if it really helps people to get more grip on their lives, so they can make better choices. I’m now getting close to launching this app, maybe this week or otherwise next week it should be live.

Update on Idea Growr

This goes back to my post over here about marketing ideas and experiments I had came up with.

Let’s check those experiments:

  • Languages: The most used language other than English is Spanish. Adding all active users that have their language settings starting with ‘Es’ in the last three months, Idea Growr has 720 users. My theory that creating an app in ‘strange languages’ could help with getting more users was not true. I do believe it opens the door to more users, but you have to also do (simple social media, posting on forums) marketing in that language. For instant I was able to translate the app in Finish, only 3 users have used the app with that language setting in the last three months.
    • Lesson learned: I need  local ambassadors in a country if I really want to make use of the strategic advantage of translating my app in different languages.
  • In-app purchases: I was able to implement the feature for donations, but I have not yet been able to create a new feature that people should pay for with a in-app purchase.
    • Lesson learned: The jury is still out on this one. I did not do the fake-button-test, because it didn’t feel right. I thought in the end that there would be too much negative impact. Still, I do want to find out how this app could make money, so I have to revisit this topic one day.
  • Get endorsements:


    This is the part I have been working on lately. As you can read over here, I have set up a collaboration with Applits. Hereby creating more possible marketing opportunities for Idea Growr. Soon I will be able to also write about the two other companies I have set up a partnership with. I like to call these the expert partners of Idea Growr. Soon more about this.

Let’s take another look at the criteria I set in July for the endorsements plan to be a success:

  • Get three creative thought leaders to contribute and endorse Idea Growr.
    • The person must at least have 10.000 followers on Twitter
    • The person must be genuine. He or she is actually creative and cares about  how his or her field moves forward.
  • Have a small but significant traffic increase after this tweet and/or Facebook message. Let’s say an increase of 100 new active installs in the first month per person. That would add up to an increase of 300 new active installs. It might be difficult to measure directly if someone installed Idea Growr because of an endorsement, but a bump in the statistics should be clearly visible.

On the twitter endorsments:

  • Applits has 2.223 Twitter followers and 1.163 likes on Facebook
  • Expert partner A has 829 twitter followers and 1.227 likes on Facebook
  • Expert partner B has 2.014 twitter followers and 1.760 likes on Facebook

From within the app I ask people who like the app to help promote the app on Twitter. The biggest endorsement is actually in Arabic, from @Jidanmar, he has 35.677 followers. I don’t know who he is, but I assume that with over 30.000 followers he could be famous for something (if you know, please share your knowledge in the comments :). His endorsements shows that a quality product is one of the best marketing you can get, people who like your app will promote it for you.

So if I’m opportunistic I can say I have succeeded the first criteria in that the app has been promoted to over 30.000 people on twitter. While the expert partners have less followers on social media, the way they shall be connected to Idea Growr their endorsements will probably have more impact on downloads and use.

The increase in installs because of the endorsements is not yet measurable. After the expert partners update I will take a close look at the usage stats and share those with you.

My third (still top secret) app

I have also started to work on a third app. This is a collaboration with someone in the Netherlands, where we are both creating the same app. He’ll make it for the iPhone and I for Android. The first versions will have about the same complexity as my other apps and it’s also a simple tool for people, this time the focus is on small groups of people. I’ll write more about this later.

Life tracking app progress

I’m also working on a new Android app that helps you keep track of your own life. You can set goals, evaluate them and write measurements of how you are doing.

Here are the wireframes I have shown earlier:Wireframes future self tracking

I now have a first version working. Here are some screenshots.


The next things I will be working on:

  • Evaluate a future self
  • Add colors to the buttons
  • Make the history and future overview show everything correctly. It works now, but with evaluations it becomes a little bit more complex.
  • Show first upcoming future self on home screen
  • Add options for the date of the future self
  • Add notifications

When I got all that working I think it is good enought to be put in Alpha and ask some friends to help me out with testing this app.

New Flowchart for Idea Growr

I’m working on a new feature that I call question packs (q-packs). Here is the new flowchart for the app.FlowQpacksAug2013

Q-packs are a set of questions created and presented by an expert partner. For every idea you can select to use these. The thought is that these q-packs make it easier and more fun to grow ideas. We are starting with 3 q-packs to test if people like the feature.

KPN & Co App of the week

While I was on vacation, Idea Growr was KPN & Co’s app of the week :)

App van de week
(Article in Dutch)

“Het is niet alleen overzichtelijk om één plek te hebben om je ideeën op te slaan, maar het is ook handig om een vaste plek te hebben voor al je notities. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld alles in Evernote zetten, maar je kunt er ook voor kiezen om verschillende soorten notities op verschillende plekken te beheren. Zoals Evernote voor notulen en natuurlijk Idea Growr voor al je ideeën.”



Partnership with Applits on Idea Growr

I am happy to announce I have set up a partnership with Applits for the mobile app Idea Growr.

In April I posted about wanting to create an app that is about Imagine Anything. In May the app went live and now the app has over 5.000 users. I’m happy to say I’m teaming up with Applits to grow Idea Growr to it’s full potential.

Why a partnership

I was looking to partner with a company that could help me in a number of ways.

  1. Improve the quality
  2. Increase the userbase
  3. Make it profitable

It is also a nice first instance of how I’d like to work: create a working prototype to show a potential and find a partner that fits the prototype to take it to the next level.

About Applits


Applits is an app ideas competition. It offers a platform for community involvement in the very first step of app development. Users can submit ideas and have the community vote for a winner each month. Applits will develop the app and share the profit with the user who submitted the idea.

Why Applits

Applits has a number of things going for it. The main things are:

  • Ideas are their core business
  • Experienced in developing apps
  • I like them

E-mailing and talking with them quickly made clear we where on the same page on how to approach this and move forward. As a first step we transferred the app to the Applits Google Play account and set up a promotional page on the Applits website.

Our plans for Idea Growr

Our first focus is expanding the user base and improving the user experience. The first things we are focusing on are:

  • Make an iPhone version
  • Make it easy for people who have app ideas to connect to the Applits platform
  • Set up collaborations with different online platforms that deal with ideas

So how is this ever going to make any money?

Plan A is using the freemium business model. We are aiming to cater to people who make money with their ideas. At the same time we want to keep the free version as feature rich as possible. Just to be clear, you will always be the sole owner of the ideas and notes you write in the app.

About Idea Growr


Idea Growr is a free android app that helps you keep track of all your ideas. Sets of questions help you to take on different perspectives and grow your ideas to the next level.

Google Play - Idea Growr