Monthly Archives: April 2013

Update android app, more questions

I made some progress on my ideas app.

I had a type question (personal, business or society). Using my own app, I felt every idea was personal so that option was not needed. So I removed it, and made the other ones checkboxes.

I also added questions. There are five sections; idea core, personal, business, society, doing it.

Update wireframes

The next thing I’ll work on is the all ideas overview. I had the list of ideas working on the most basic level based on a tutorial, but in order to to add interactive order buttons I need a better understanding of how listviews work in Android.

All ideas, orderAt the moment I have 19 ideas in my app. For instance a toilet paper delivery business. You can contact them if you need it right now.

Imagine anything

Where evernote is a tool with the slogan “remember everything”, it would be cool to develop something that has the slogan “imagine anything”. The tool should focus on what can be your future, and guide you to towards it.

As my first pet project, and a first baby step towards that goal, I’m working on an android app that keeps track of the ideas I have.

A fresh start

This marks the beginning of a new website I have set up to inform you about me.

I used to devote almost all of my time to FourceLabs,  the company I co-founded in 2009 with Karel and Adriaan. And while I’m very proud to have been part of this company, with great projects like Chick’n’Run, it feels good to have closed that chapter and being able to start afresh.

So now it’s time to forge a new plan. There is no hurry, so I’ll take my time to do some pet projects, talk to people, have fun and learn a few new skills. On this blog you can keep track of those things.

To make this post more visually appealing, I’ll end with a series of pictures I once took, that is meant to communicate growth and playing with your breakfast.